It is easy to post an ad online, but to maximize your exposure, consider each of the following ways on how to increase the number of potential customers viewing your ad. NOTE the advertising suggestion at the bottom – for the quickest sales!

Use a descriptive grabbing title.

Create a title that will get your ad noticed by others by using descriptive keywords or phrases which someone might use when searching for the item(s) you are selling. How effective an online ad depends strongly on the ability of buyers to locate your ad. The more details you can provide in the title, the higher quality buyers you will attract.

A picture says a thousand words.

Ads with photos receive quality, more serious inquires. Well-lit, good-quality images create interested buyers. Unlike newspaper classifieds, there is no cost to post pictures on, so take advantage and include images the will enhance your complete ad.

Add a little humour, if possible!

You can’t add humour to every ad you post, but when you can you will be amazed on how popular your ad may become. Making those who view your ad laugh is a great way to set it apart from the rest. Funny ads may go viral, since everyone wants to share a good laugh with family and friends on social media – keep your ad family friendly!

Double-check all your content!

It is important to ensure that you post your ad to the correct city, category, and sub-category. If your ad is categorized wrong, interested buyers may have a difficult time locating it. Another example, if your item is located in St. Thomas and it is listed that you will “ship by mail”, you will have more inquiries if listed for “pick-up only”, as you are now including potential buyers that require shipping service.

Twins are cool, similar ads are not.

When selling the exact same item with a variety of colours, shapes, or sizes, post only one ad with all of the different choices within the ad – not one ad for each item. List the choices that you’re offering, your potential buyers will understand and will contact you to see if their preference is still available.

Price your item(s) to sell.

Just because your item is new, don’t expect a person to pay full price, the potential buyer could go to a store and get the same item but also receive a refund policy or guarantee at the new price. With this said, mention the new price and your discounted price, this tells buyers how much they will save for not having the refund or guarantee policy. Used items work the same way as new products, gently used or only used once items draw a higher price than that worn-out item. Remember, your posting your ad to sell your item as fast as possible, we suggest listing your best price first and tell potential buyers this, “firm price”, if not you can use OBO – “or best offer” if negotiable.

FREE Advertising, Share your Ad – Everyone benefits! was set up to help you advertise your item(s) through social media.

  1. Place your ad on then share it to friends and family on facebook (this is free).
  2. Place your ad on your current social platform(s)/group(s) you use now – notifications are sent out automatically to everyone within your group.

By following this formula, you’ll reach more potential buyers from your current exposure, from your groups, and from sharing your ad with your friends and family on Facebook. The more sharing each person or business does, creates NEW FREE traffic for everyone. goal is to be the one-stop online platform that you can find any sale, deal, or event that is taking place in Elgin County, which is best for everyone advertising!

For BEST Results: When sharing your ad to Facebook, ask your friends and family to share your listed item if they can not use it, to help you sell your item, this again helps find a buyer for your item by increasing your ad exposure to their friends and family. Mention that your item can be seen at along with many other “for sale” items and services. After sharing your ad on Facebook with friends and groups, especially on your personal page, go back and delete the post after about 5 days, just to keep your personal clean of advertised content.

Share on Market Place on Facebook! Place your ad on Marketplace and within your description just add your link directly to your ad: eg.

Happy Selling!

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